New Sounds from KiD [SiC]!

KiD SiC’s (a.k.a. Elyas Khan) surreal sounds have been popping up on stages and dancefloors around NYC: The BRONX MONX have finished remixing “No Trouble at All”, featuring original music and lyrics by KiD SiC, and have been spinning it on the party circuit to rave reviews. Watch for news of a single release in the near future.

ON THE STAGE: ELYAS recently scored music used in the staged reading of Andy Biscontini’s screen play “The Bargain Travellor’s Guide to America” presented at Superfine on Sunday, October 27th.

BRIAN on Tour with Joseph Arthur

While Brian is on tour with Joseph Arthur, we’re fortunate enough to have Wylie Wirth, a fellow DUMBO native, sitting in on drums.

Check out Joseph Arthur’s site for tour dates.

Everybody’s Crazy ’bout a Sharp Dressed Man!

Just look what VICE Magazine had to say about our own Matt Morandi:

“This is the kind of guy you see on the street and you make a mental note to kind of make that your look a bit but then you try it and your hair looks like a stupid Jew ‘fro and you feel like a New Wave silent actor and you say “fuck it” and go back to the old you because only he can pull it off.”

BRIAN on Tour with Dave Pirner

For the month of August Nervous Cabaret drummer Brian Geltner will be on loan to Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum fame as he embarks on his North American tour in support of his new solo debut. The way Brian pounds… and sometimes tickles… the skins it’s not surprising Pirner couldn’t resist him! Dave Pirner on VH1

Elyas Drunken Hearted at the Nuyorican

Elyas Khan has been cast in Drunken Hearted, a play written by Dave Tianga of dirty-feet productions. The Drunken Hearted soundtrack will consist original music by Elyas Khan and the Nervous Cabaret. Performances are scheduled at the Nuyorican Poets Café: August 8th, 9th, 10th and 15th, 16th, 17th (2002).

KiD [SiC] and the Bronx Monx

Kid Sic and the Bronx Monx are joining forces in a new recording project. The two creative forces will be twisting up some of Kid Sic’s song writing and vocal styling with the Monx original music and mixing arrangement. With the visual approach both artists have to their music the cinematic potential of this alliance is huge. The recordings will undoubtedly be moving some bodies on the dance floor as the Monx, newly returned from San Francisco, begin spinning once more in New York.

Kid [SiC] at Joe’s Pub September 11th Fundraiser

Kid Sic (a.k.a. Elyas Khan) will perform as part of a special commemorative Bitch’s Brew at Joe’s Pub on September 11th. The evening’s singer-songwriter format will feature performances from New York artists including Chocolate Genius, Citizen Cope, and Jan Bell, among others.

KiD [SiC] @ Moto

Beginning this week, Moto presents Elyas (a.k.a KiD [SiC]) every other Thursday. MOTO is a beautiful new restaurant and bar in East Williamsburg sets the perfect background for Kid Sic’s brand of cinematic songwriting. Kid [SiC] will be joined by the rest of Nervous Cabaret at monthly appearances beginning later this fall.

Photo by Bill Phelps

20020905 Moto Kid Sic Flyer

The Last American

Elyas [KiD SiC] Khan will return to the stage as The Reverend Gilly Crocker. Smoke That Thunders Productions announced that it will produce the next run of the Sci-fi Rock Musical The Last American in conjunction with the Jane Street Theater this Christmas, 2002.

Wintery Wonders!

* Fragmented Devotion (to You) was a hit at the DUMBO Arts Festival and we’re all thrilled to be invited to present the show at Superfine on December 12th and 19th, 2001 – watch for it!  Plans are also underway for a European tour in October 2002. ** Speaking of Superfine – big congrats are in order to Laura, Tanya and CaraLee on the much anticipated opening of Superfine and on the excellent write up in New York magazine November 19th issue!  Nervous Cabaret had a very successful night playing at Superfine and were lucky enough to see Johnny Society’s kick-ass show at Arlene’s the very same night! *** Halloween Night brought about the preview party for Motto – the newest restaurant creation of John McCormick and Billy Phelps. The place is beautiful and the drink was flowing!  I’ll be letting everyone know the minute things get rolling! *** Artland had things jumping a three Sunday’s ago when Joey Drisoll invited us down to play.  Things got really swingin when Jonathan jumped in on Joey’s beat-box action and brought they house down!  A night I won’t soon forget – Thanks Joey! **** And finally… congratulations to Tina West on her beautiful photography show at Robin Rice Gallery!