Memory Monday – The Mercy Seat

The Wheel of Life never comes back to the original point. We can return to the same place and do similar things, even watch the event on video, but each moment in time is singular, never to be repeated.

Join me once again fellow time travellers, back to 1997 when I appeared in Primetime Emmy Award Nominated US television series “Oz“, starring Ernie Hudson and Luke Perry and directed by masters of the thriller genre Mary Harron, Steve Buscemi, Brian Cox, and Kathy Bates to name a few.

I played the part of (the young) murderous architect Bob Rebadow, one of only five characters that would feature throughout the long running show, at the crucial point in his life when a swift, spontaneous, anger-filled action changed his life irrevocably.

Check me out in my fab wig in the murder scene and sans cheveux as you know and (hopefully) love me in the execution scene. For those who are squeamish, I recommend imagining the film crew just out of shot, or the actors sharing a laugh and a cuppa together back stage between takes!



Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of year again when people like to dress up in crazy costumes and eat too many sweets… Sounds like any day of the week down our way! At least when I’m on the road with circus-cabaret LIMBO.

…and the LIMBO performances will be pretty much every day of the week, from Wednesday 26th November until the New Year’s Eve Silvester Gala at the Tollwood Festival in Munich.

At the moment, I am in hyper rehearsal mode and will be lurking in the very scary basement studio with drummer Daniel Richter of German band Alice Daisy, ready for our performance at La Ferme d’en Haut (TOUR DE CHAUFFE FESTIVAL in Villeneuve-d’Ascq) so no time for Halloween parties for us! Come find me on Facebook and post your Halloween pictures to show me what I missed!

Here’s a photo of me taken by Michael Crouser many moons ago in Minneapolis, around 1991 I think, in my former manifestation as a dancer with Ballet Of the Dolls. The box I’m crouching on says, “More Fun Than Circus”. Now that’s a future echo if ever I saw one. Spooky!!!

Elyas Khan Ballet Of The Dolls Halloween (370x450) (329x400) (284x345)

Memory Monday – Dog Days Are Over

Money can’t buy you love, so sang The Beatles, but when the heir of an Indian shirt-manufacturing company offers $30,000 to ensure he gets a US residency permit, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Queen of Hearts won’t be the only card on the table.

This week, Memory Monday takes us back to 2005, when I starred in ANDY BISCONTINI‘s film, EVERY DOG’S DAY, featuring my band NERVOUS CABARET‘s song, GRAND PALACE OF LOVE on the soundtrack, which you can buy HERE.

So, come and take me kid, while I am hot! It’s educational bijoux, that’s right, just for me and for you…

Indieground Sound System : Elyas Khan – jusqu’ici tout va bien!

Dans cette chronique extraordinaire, INDIEGROUND SOUND SYSTEM nous transporte dans le temps et l’espace, aux origines de la carrière musicale d’ELYAS KHAN : de ses débuts en tant que chanteur du groupe New Yorkais NERVOUS CABARET et du groupe transatlantique GENTLEMEN & ASSASSINS jusqu’à ses projets solos actuels.

Aussi inclus dans cet épisode :

New Model Army : Poison Street
Medeski Martin and Wood : Bloody Oil
Persons Unknown : International Break
Violent Femmes : Never Tell
Public Enemy : Revolutionary Generation
The Cure : Let’s Go To Bed

Indieground Sound System #24 by Radio M on Mixcloud

Afternoon Green Tea Berlin Take Two…

In case you missed my Green Tea Berlin interview on Alex Radio and 88Vier this afternoon,
here it is again for your listening pleasure!


Elyas Khan radio interview on Green Tea Berlin

Hey y’all don’t forget to tune into Alex Radio or 88.4 FM today between 1pm and 2pm CET and listen to me, Elyas Khan, talking with Green Tea Berlin‘s Krista Reinstadler about my career so far, my recent shows at the Singapore Formula 1 and the upcoming performances with circus-cabaret show LIMBO at the TOLLWOOD FESTIVAL in Munich.

Memory Monday – Radio Headlines

Whether it be playing his monthly acoustic slot at DAS HOTEL in Berlin,
touring with a full band in Europe or leading a circus-cabaret show TORQUE
in Austral-Asia, Elyas Khan is a most versatile performer.

Hear Elyas talk about his varied career so far on the English language
radio show Green Tea Berlin, broadcast on Alex Radio and 88.4 FM, Wed 22nd
Oct 2014 between 1pm and 2pm CET. Listen to the teaser HERE.

A world traveller, he also glides seamlessly through diverse musical
styles, bringing the blues to traditional folk, such as House of the
Rising Sun with AMANDA PALMER, or adding new depth and meaning to
mainstream pop.

Here he is performing Britney Spears’ Toxic on Oui FM Session Acoustique in Paris with drummer Romain Vicente on
15th October 2013…


Memory Monday – La la la la la la Lively in your Living Room!

Happy Memory Monday, dear Readers! In recent weeks, we’ve brought you exciting tales of Elyas’s travels around the world. This adventure started when Elyas’s long-time musical collaborator and buddy, Sxip Shirey, invited Elyas to replace him in the lead musical role in his circus-cabaret LIMBO for a few months. Learning to play the harmonica especially for the part, Elyas impressed LIMBO‘s production company so much that they invited him to create TORQUE, a similar show based on his own music, for the SINGAPORE FORMULA 1 races, alongside headliners Jennifer Lopez, Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams. Elyas has now returned to Germany and will be heading the daily LIMBO shows in Munich’s TOLLWOOD FESTIVAL from 26th November through to the end of the year.

…but before that, he’ll be performing at La Ferme d’en Haut Festival in Villeneuve D’Asq in France on Saturday 8th November with Daniel Richter of the German band Alice Daisy on drums.

Back in 2010, Elyas, Sxip and Daniel created a prototype of what was to become the mighty Gentlemen & Assassins at a house party in Kreuzberg, Berlin. Here they are thrashing a Nervous Cabaret classic “Mel Gibson” in front of a wild bunch of Savage Souls. (I hope they had building structural insurance!!!)

Bells klingen noch mal für Rebecca

Und nochmal in der Wiederholung mit anderen wunderbaren Kurzfilmen…

Rebecca am Freitag Abend um 21:45 Uhr bei EinsFestival (ARD), mit Tonspur von Romain Vicente und Elyas Khan.


Memory Monday – A vous de goûter et goutter… Drop Drop!

Un voyage de mille kilomètres commence toujours par un premier pas…

Il y a sept ans, Elyas Khan et son ancien groupe New Yorkais, Nervous Cabaret, étaient déjà connus aux Etats Unis. Tels Les Enfants du Papillon, ils ont franchis le pas et ont sorti leur l’album “Drop Drop” pour la première fois en France; une occasion splendide et de bon augure parmi les murs du Louvre.

Elyas n’en était pas encore conscient, mais ce serait le premier pas de sa carrière (et d’une nouvelle vie) en Europe continentale. Pendant des années qui suivaient, le charme extraordinaire de cet œuvre n’a certainement pas tombé à plat! Laissez déborder les limites de votre l’imagination…